Do I need to be an Esthetician to operate a Laser?

No, in most states. Each state has different laws pertaining to the Cosmetic Laser industry and there are only a handful of states that do require some type of a prerequisite but the majority of states are unregulated, so anyone can operate a laser in those states.

Do I receive hands-on training?

All of our courses incorporate hands on training into the curriculum. With our smaller classes, you will get more hands-on then any other program out there. Hands-on will be in our state-of-the-art medical clinic on actual paying clients. Leave with the confidence to return home and start your new career!

Are there requirements to operate a laser in the state of Arizona?

Yes, Arizona is one of the few states that actually do require you to have a certain amount of educational hours to work in this state. Arizona laser laws require 40 hours of classroom education and anywhere from 24-88 hours of hands-on training.

Will a certification from NALA only work in AZ?

YES, so as long as the state you plan on working in doesn't have any pre-requisites regulations. Most others schools will not share this information with you. Feel free to contact our Admissions Department for further assistance, we are here to help!

What are the other states' requirements?

Each state does have different regulations. You will want to contact our Admissions representatives so they can explain your particular state's requirements.

Do you offer financing for tuition and travel costs?

We have a number of financing options available including In-House Financing. You may also combine financing options together, we are flexible! Call (866) 636-7418 for more information.

Do I need to be a Medical Professional to do Botox/Fillers?

Yes, you do need to be a Medical Professional to some degree to do any injectables. Each state varies as to their level of Medical Designation on who can inject Botox/Fillers. The majority of the states require you to be at least an RN or more advanced, however a few will allow you to be an LPN or LVN. The best way to find out if you qualify to inject in your state is to call your licensing board and ask if this falls under your scope of practice.

Where can I get a job working after I graduate?

There are many places to go to work as a Laser Technician but most students are landing jobs in Medical Spa's, Day Spas, Skin Care Clinics, Doctors' office : OBGYNs, Plastic Surgeons, Family Physicians, and Dermatologists. Some even start their own practices!

Do you offer job placement?

We will help our students in any way possible. We have employers from all over the country calling us and asking if we have certified any students in their area. When that happens we will pull a search in our database and put those students in contact with that employer. Also, we do have a great relationship with the top Laser Reps who have insight as to what offices, clinics, spas, etc. are looking for trained and certified Laser Technicians.

What if the place I end up working uses different equipment than what I was trained on in school?

No need to worry! Lasers are all designed basically the same but you may need to adjust body positioning a little. Other than that it will all fall into place. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable about the equipment you can always schedule a demonstration with a laser rep from that particular company which is normal protocol when starting with any new company and laser.

Can I just do the classroom portion and have a Doctor train me for his hands-on?

Yes, of course you can do it that way. However, most doctors will want you already trained and won't want to even consider you until you are ready to start working immediately. They do not want to take time out of your busy schedule to train you and oversee your hands-on. If you are an Arizona resident, the doctor will need to sign off saying he saw you do all your hands-on and you have met the required amount of hours.

What if I want a refresher course?

We do offer free refreshers if needed! The amount of hands-on you receive in our classes, we feel is exactly the amount you will need to leave feeling confident in starting your career immediately the next day. IF, however, you do feel you want to come back for a refresher that is perfectly fine. You will need to be scheduled in with an upcoming class, so contact your Admissions representative.

Can I get treatments done on myself while in class?

Yes! Absolutely! Knowing what the treatments feel like and being in the patient seat is a great learning experience.